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Aromatic Intermediates Production Method


Aromatic Intermediates Production Method Product Name: Pyridine CAS. No.110-86-1 Molecular formula:C5H5N Application Synthetic spices, pesticide intermediates For the manufacture of vitamins, sulfa drugs, pesticides and plastics. Besides being used as raw materials for medicine and various pyridine compounds, it is also used as basic solvent in chemical industry and laboratory. It is also a good solvent for deacidifier and acylation reaction, because pyridine can combine with acylation agent to form n-acylpyridine compound. Pyridine solution composed of pyridine and metal salts or organometallic compounds in the form of complexes used as catalysts for polymerization, oxidation, carbonylation of acrylonitrile, etc. It can also be used as stabilizer of silicone rubber and raw material of anion exchange membrane. As a corrosion inhibitor, pyridine has a corrosion inhibition effect on the metal and can be directly added to the pickling solution to achieve the corrosion inhibition effect by its adsorption. Widely used as analytical reagent, solvent, liquid chromatography eluent. Also used in organic synthesis. Product Parameter (Specification) Product NamePyridine CAS No.110-86-1 EINECS No.203-809-9 Molecular FormulaC5H5N Molecular Weight79.10 g·mol−1 Flash Point21 °C (70 °F) Color APHA≤10 Density0.9819 g/Ml Purity (%)≥99.5 Moisture (%)≤0.01 AppearanceColorless oily liquid StorageStore in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry place. Well closed. Our Advantages 1. We are confident in the quality of our products and willing to provide free samples for customers. 2. Nearly experience in chemical production and export, good cooperation with customs and ship agency, ensuring fast and safe export. 3. Professional r d technical team and equipment to make product quality better and better. 4. Timely after-sales service to solve your concerns about international trade. Before and after sales in "About Us" from Homepage. Our Factory And Company Our factory advanced production technology and equipment. FactoryCompany Major Exporting Countries Deliver, Shipping And Serving We will provide you with quality products and professional services. You are always welcome to consult us. We will provide you with a comprehensive offer, including quotation, payment, mail, etc. We look forward to your inquiry. Supply Ability: 5000 Metric Ton/ Metric Tons per Year Packaging Details: 200KGS in Drum Port: Chinese port Cooperation Cases Aromatic Intermediates website: