Electro- Thermal Actuator

Electro- Thermal ActuatorElectro- Thermal Actuator


Electro- Thermal Actuator Electric actuator, also known as electric constant temperature controller, is a new concept device used for remote control of system flow and heat (cooling). It is suitable for temperature control of heating and central air conditioning in residential, shopping malls, and hotels, as well as room temperature control. Electric actuators are mainly used in underfloor heating systems to control the closing and opening of pipelines. Specifically applied to the electric drive part of electric actuators for branch valves, small valves, and dynamically balanced valves in water collectors. Noisy operation, simple nut connection and installation method, quick installation, and convenient disassembly. Working principle of underfloor heating electric actuator The electric actuator consists of three parts: a temperature controller, a valve actuator, and a valve. The temperature controller is installed on the wall of the room and connected to the electric actuator using a cable. Generally, a 100cm long cable is used to connect the actuator to the selected control point (temperature controller, programmer, timer, or other remote device). The actuator is connected to the valve with a nut. When the indoor temperature reaches the temperature set by the temperature controller, the positive thermistor inside the electric actuator begins to work, heating the thermal expansion device to close the valve. Conversely, when the indoor temperature decreases, the temperature controller is disconnected, the actuator cools down, the expansion device contracts, and the valve opens. Many electric actuators in the current market have an automatic reset function after power outage to avoid inconvenience caused by power outages. Function of underfloor heating electric actuator The electric actuator is installed on the water distributor, and its main function is to activate the water stop when the water temperature reaches the set value, which plays a role in regulating the temperature. If installed upside down, it won't work. As the temperature gradually decreases, more and more households are using underfloor heating systems to increase indoor temperature. As one of the key components in underfloor heating equipment, electric actuators have a certain impact on the heating efficiency of the heating system. Electric actuators are called electric thermostats, so how do electric actuators control temperature? Below, we will introduce the working principle of electric actuators and their functions. Working principle of electric actuators The electric actuator mainly consists of three parts: temperature controller, valve actuator, and valve. In general, temperature controllers are installed on the walls of building interior walls and connected to electric actuators through cable connections. Then use a cable to connect the electric actuator to the corresponding control point. The cable length does not need to be too long, about 1 meter is sufficient. The electric actuator is fixed to the valve with a nut. When the indoor temperature reaches the preset temperature of the temperature controller, the positive thermistor in the electric actuator will work and close the valve by heating the thermal expansion device. When the indoor temperature drops, the temperature controller senses a temperature change and sends a signal to the electric actuator. The electric actuator begins to cool down, causing the valve to open. Many electric actuators in the current market have an automatic reset function after power outage to avoid inconvenience caused by power outages. The function of underfloor heating electric actuator The electric actuator mainly acts at the end of the heating system and regulates indoor temperature through linkage with temperature control devices. If the indoor area is large, two underfloor heating loops can be installed. At this time, only one temperature controller in parallel with an electric actuator can be used to achieve temperature control function, which can save users a certain amount of installation costs. Electric actuators play an important role in heating equipment, and users should purchase them through formal channels to ensure product quality. Electric actuators also play an important role in industrial production, such as desulfurization in power plants and water supply and drainage in sewage plants. ModelLM-714 Working Voltage230VAC/24 VAC Protection GradeIP54 Storage Temperature-20-70鈩?/p Running Time鈮? Minutes(at 25鈩? 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