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Wei Xiaoqing was stunned and then shouted, "What's the matter with you, Zhou Xuan?" Zhou Xuan also did not look back, reached out and waved back, very natural and unrestrained appearance.


Wei Xiaoqing was stunned and then shouted, "What's the matter with you, Zhou Xuan?" Zhou Xuan also did not look back, reached out and waved back, very natural and unrestrained appearance. Wei Xiaoqing stayed for a while and then said to Wei Xiaoyu, "Sister, I'll go first.". Go back by yourself later, don't wait for me. Then he followed Zhou Xuan out in a hurry. Wei Xiaoyu is very angry, while chasing, while shouting: "Xiaoqing, Xiaoqing!" Shangguan Mingyue is also angry, although Zhou Xuan did not say with her is not a real relationship between men and women, but from beginning to end also did not give her much face, at first pretend to be a very rustic, and then do not know where to come out of such two amazing beautiful girls, and obviously they have some kind of relationship with Zhou Xuan. Zhou Xuan abandoned her, and the Wei sisters followed closely. Shangguan Mingyue thought about it and said to Wang Nina, "Nina, I'll go first. Bless you.". And then chased him out. After she came in, until the Wei Xiaochai sisters appeared, their three most beautiful girls became the focus here. It was originally the engagement party of Wang Nina and Anchen. She and Anchen should be the focus,plastic pallet price, but they were all stolen by the three of them. Now they all suddenly left and almost attracted everyone's attention. Wang Nina was very angry. Look at Anchen. But seeing Anchen staring at the direction outside the hall, he couldn't help stepping on his foot. An Chen is in pain, "Oh.". With a cry, everyone turned to look at him, Anchen suddenly shyly up, but in the heart is thinking, this Zhou Xuan is who is sacred? Can get the favor of Shangguan Mingyue, and seems to have a deep relationship with the Wei sisters,ibc spill containment pallet, this person is absolutely not as simple as he began to imagine, the kind of country people's vulgarity in Anchen now think, it is purely in the pig eat tiger, pretend to make him embarrassed! Zhou Xuan took an excuse to slip out of the hall, reached out from the hotel gate and stopped a taxi. When he got on the taxi, he told the driver to go to the Dongcheng Public Security Bureau. The driver nodded and drove. Zhou Xuan heard Wei Xiaoqing chasing him behind him, and saw from the mirror that Wei Xiaoyu drove quickly from the parking lot. After Wei Xiaoqing got into the car, she quickly chased the taxi that Zhou Xuan was sitting in. And Shangguan Mingyue also drove her red Porsche to catch up with her. Zhou Xuan frowned. If the three girls followed him to the security Bureau, it was purely to make trouble for themselves. With them, it was estimated that they would make trouble and could not go back. After thinking about it, they had an idea! Shangguan Mingyue drove the car, thinking again, when she faced the Wei sisters again, what should she say? Suddenly, her Porsche died, secondary containment pallet ,collapsible pallet bin, and the car stopped all of a sudden. I couldn't help wondering why it died all of a sudden? Last time there was a problem, the tire fell off for no reason, just changed back from the manufacturer, but it went wrong again! When Wei Xiaoyu was driving, the car suddenly stalled. Twist the key and hit the fire a few times, but it didn't burn. With another effort, the steering wheel broke off with a "click"! If you want to know what happened, please log in, more chapters, support the author, support genuine reading! [ .] Volume 1 Small Lotus Beginning to Show Sharp Angles Chapter 254 Bloody Picture of White Jade Tiger Pregnant When Zhou Xuan saw that the cars of Wei Xiaoqing's sisters and Shangguan Mingyue had stopped and could not move, he felt more comfortable. The taxi public security Bureau's big tune-mouth stops after 7-, Zhou Xuanding the fare, then got off the car. The guard opened the gate to let the vehicles in, and at the same time let the people in register, Zhou Xuan also entered inside after registration. After entering the gate, there is a spacious square. Next to the dormitory area on the left is the parking lot, where numerous police vehicles of different sizes are parked. On the right is the office building of the sub-bureau, which is more than ten stories high. After Zhou Xuan arrived at the office building, there were several reception windows in the hall, where several comely female receptionists were chatting. Zhou Xuan attached himself to the No.2 window and asked, "Hello, I made an appointment with Director Fu. My surname is Zhou. Which floor is Director Fu's office on?" The woman on duty immediately stopped chatting, and when she turned around, Zhou Xuan said, "Please wait a moment!" Then dialed the special line of the director's office: "Director, there is a gentleman surnamed Zhou looking for him," please come in at once... " Fu yuanshan interrupted her at once and ordered her to invite someone in. The woman on duty immediately said to Zhou Xuan respectfully, "Hello, Mr. Zhou. The director's office is on the 16th floor. Please take the elevator." Among the policemen who came in and out from time to time, Zhou Xuan entered the elevator with six or seven policemen. When he pressed the elevator floor button, Zhou Xuan saw that one of them pressed the 16th floor, and the rest were below the 16th floor. But when someone pressed the 16th floor, he no longer struggled. The policemen in the elevator went out one by one. Only Zhou Xuan and a middle-aged policeman of about 40 years old were left in the elevator. When the elevator stopped, the policeman watched Zhou Xuan step out of the elevator with him and felt a little surprised, because there were only the office of the director and some emergency teams dealing with major accidents on this floor. Zhou Xuan's appearance he obviously has not seen, how can come to this floor? The policeman walked forward as he stared at him. Zhou Shi looked around and saw a sign of "Director's Office" on the door of a room in front of the lane, so he went directly, but the policeman also went in the same direction. Zhou Shi reached the door and knocked on it. Someone inside answered and asked, "Who is it?" "It's me, Zhou Xuan!" As soon as Zhou Xuan answered, there was a rapid step in the room. Fu yuanshan came forward and opened the door of the office. He shook hands with Zhou Xuan with a smile and said, "Mr. Zhou, please come in. I wanted to meet Mr. Zhou downstairs, but there was a phone call just now, so I was delayed!" While inviting Zhou Xuan to go in, Fu yuanshan looked at the middle-aged policeman in his forties and asked, "Zhou Hong,plastic pallet suppliers, come in and sit down and wait!" Fu yuanshan's office is very spacious and bright, with two large floor-to-ceiling glass windows. After all, it is the director's office.