The struggle history of Korean entertainment idol [BB fan]

Victory and Xuan En get along for nearly five years, for Xuan En's taste is still very optimistic, Xuan En just don't like the tedious clothes


Victory and Xuan En get along for nearly five years, for Xuan En's taste is still very optimistic, Xuan En just don't like the tedious clothes, in the dormitory often wearing panda sleeveless shirt and shorts dangling, most of the clothes in the wardrobe are bought by G-Dragon to Xuan En, Xuan en and G-Dragon are very insightful about clothes, but they don't want to wear them because of the trouble. Quan Zhilong once really couldn't see the clothes and trousers of Xuan En. He cleaned them up and threw them into the storeroom or used them as rags. He put the new clothes he bought for Xuan En back into the wardrobe before nodding with satisfaction. I don't understand. It's comfortable to wear at home and fashionable to wear outside. I always follow this standard. Hyun Eun feels that he has a thorough interpretation of this standard. "It's true that sometimes Hyun wears very simple clothes, but at least at home, he pays more attention to his image outside. At least as an artist, his image is very important." When are you going? "Now." Victory voice just fell, two people have tacit understanding to rush back to the room to change clothes, armed after carrying the bag to go out. As soon as he went out, he remembered a very important thing. How to get there? It's not realistic to go by car. It's a bright day now. Two artists and stars will be recognized by fans if they go by subway or bus. If they go by car, neither of them has a driver's license. Driving is also a fantasy, so there's a big problem. Of course it's.. Right. Oh You can't have a big vehicle, and you can't drive without a driver's license. Victory is also aware of this serious problem. Or buy it online? Or we'll have to wait for our brothers to come back. Victory scratched his forehead and said with a dry smile that he had felt the familiar staring laser coming from the side. Lost countless supercilious look to the victory of Hyun-eun hummed, "go back." Victory was about to open the door, but his hand was frozen in his pants pocket for a long time and he didn't take it out. Xuan-en waited for a while and didn't see any reaction from Victory. He asked doubtfully, "Why don't you open the door?" "Hyun-ni, I suddenly have some news to tell you." Victory turned to face Hyun-Eun. Hyun looked at the expression of victory, with a bad feeling in his heart, and said uneasily, "Good or bad?" Victory rolled his eyes and said, "In a theoretical sense..". It's bad 。” Hyun-eun frowned. "Then don't tell me." Victory swallowed his saliva. "But if I don't tell you, I'll have a bad conscience." The sense of foreboding in my heart is getting stronger and stronger. "There's so much nonsense. What do you want to say? Does it have anything to do with whether you open the door or not?" Victory closed his eyes, his heart crossed, and he shouted, "No key!" Hyun first smiled, "no key ~" a second later, holding the collar of victory roared: "What?! I can't believe you didn't bring your keys! Hyun took a deep breath. He had a bad feeling from the beginning of going out. First, he said he was going to buy clothes, but he didn't know how to go and turned to go home. Then, when he arrived at the door, plastic pallet crates ,plastic pallet crates, he said he didn't bring the key. He really didn't have a good one. Without the key means being trapped outside the door and unable to get in, which is the feeling of not being able to go home. The key was on the shoe cabinet in the entrance, and I forgot to take it when I left.. Hyun Ni Calm down. Come on, take a deep breath with me. Inhale-exhale. Inhale-exhale. The victory eye disease hand quick embrace is about to be angry Xuanen, hugs some not to let go, but also keeps letting Xuanen calm down in the ear. Breathe a P! Hyun-Eun only felt that an alien with such quality as him could not help swearing, how angry it was! Stupid panda, no one goes out without a key. It's so cold outside and we can't get into the dormitory. What should we do? Hyun hit Victory's forehead with his forehead. He wanted to use his hand, but his hand was held by Victory and could not be pulled out, so he had to use his forehead. Big Bang used to have a combination lock in the dormitory. You could get in without a key, as long as you knew the password. After changing the dormitory, it was no longer a combination lock, but an anti-theft lock. Only the key could get in. Six people and brokers all had one. Now it's better than the previous combination lock. But can not blame the victory, he himself does not like to take the key, unless a person will go out with the key, but a person has fewer opportunities to go out, are with everyone. Go and eat something when you are hungry. There is a shop nearby. It has your favorite cheesecake. It's delicious. Victory deliberately lured Hyun-Eun with his favorite cheesecake. As soon as he heard his favorite food, his eyes lit up and all his anger was thrown aside. The cheesecake had not been eaten for more than a month. It was said by the victory that the greedy insects were hooked up again. It was just that the proud one tried to pretend not to care. He hummed to the victory: "You are sensible. Lead the way ahead." Victory snigger, secretly than a 'V' in the heart, will know that show grace has no resistance to cheesecake, as long as show grace angry after moving out cheesecake to a goods lure | confused, immediately disappear, this is five years of experience, very effective. Holding the delicious cheesecake, the smile at the corners of Xuanen's mouth has not disappeared, which is totally different from the way he roared at the victory just now. This is the differential treatment. The victory is also very pitiful, not even a piece of cheesecake. Xuan En and victory two people came to the store is not very big, but the business is very good, it is overcrowded, two people holding the cheese cake to eat incomparably happy, although still careful not to be found, but still underestimated the bright eyes of fans girls, the crowd gradually began to have some commotion, victory and Xuan En in the position of the more partial. Some sharp-eyed girls looked at the two heavily armed figure some curiosity, pulling the companions do not look for traces of the two people moved to the past, now the weather in South Korea is really cold,plastic pallet suppliers, but no one covered the whole face so thick, generally in South Korea as long as there are more people in the crowd occasions also wrapped so thick people are mostly idols. They are the only ones who don't want to be discovered in public, so it's not groundless for fans to have doubts about Concorde's victory.