Star Ring _ 2

At the end of the conversation with Yang Shi and her daughters, Lin Tian slowly flew forward. It would take about half an hour for the chest injury to recover completely, but it was torturous for Lin Tian to wait for the wound to recover in situ.


At the end of the conversation with Yang Shi and her daughters, Lin Tian slowly flew forward. It would take about half an hour for the chest injury to recover completely, but it was torturous for Lin Tian to wait for the wound to recover in situ. After flying for about ten minutes, Lin Tian was surprised to find a small hole, which was not a fork in the road, because it was too small compared to the big passage, that is, one meter high. From the hole, a cold air came out, covering the stones of the hole with a layer of white frost. Have a baby? Lin Tian heart a happy, into this underground cave, strength out of the injury also suffered, but the baby's shadow is still not seen! The hole is only one meter high, but this is not a big problem, Lin Tianyi thought, suddenly the body slowly became smaller, in a short while, his original height of about 1.9 meters became only about 80 centimeters. Eighty centimeters tall into the hole of about one meter, although there is still the feeling of a giant, but at least it is no problem to go in. Small gold small silver first, Lin Tian slowly toward the small hole to fly in, the more to fly in,Cold Drawn Tubes, feel the more cold, even Lin Tian, can not help but hit a shiver! Frozen, Lin Tian is not depressed, but his face is showing a smile, "let the cold come more fiercely!" Lin Tian laughed in his heart, the cold was more violent, in his view,side impact beams, the treasure must be fierce, in order to get the fierce treasure, what is a little bit of freezing? There is soul fire running in the body, and the possibility of freezing is not great. God has eyes, Lin Tiangang in the heart issued a call, suddenly a blue air flow toward him rapidly blowing over. Lin Tian did not open the water drops at this time, the blue air flow, ice cold far beyond Lin Tian's imagination, in an instant, Lin Tian was turned into an Iceman by the blue air flow! Hiss! The little gold and silver sensed the crisis and avoided the blue air flow. At this time, they rushed to a snow-white rabbit which looked very cute with an angry cry! When the lovely rabbit saw the little gold and silver approaching, his eyes suddenly stared and flashed fiercely, and a circle of blue air flow came from his body and spread around. Xiaojin Xiaoyin was touched by the blue air flow, suddenly the small body is covered with white frost, the speed suddenly weakened a lot, but they are much better than Lin Tian, side impact door beams ,stainless steel 304 pipes, at least not directly frozen! At this time, Lin Tian was angry in his heart. He thought he could find a treasure. If he found such a perverted rabbit, he would be frozen without any face. If he hadn't let the soul fire run in his body in order to resist the ice, the blue cold would have invaded his body and frozen his body in an instant! The soul fire ran crazily, emerging from Lin Tian's body, and in a short time, the black ice congealed on his body surface melted. By this time, Xiaojin and Xiaoyin had already fought with the rabbit for several rounds. Xiaojin and Xiaoyin were very afraid of the cold that the rabbit spit out, and the rabbit was also afraid of Xiaojin's powerful physical attack. After several rounds, the three beasts did not win or lose. Little rabbit, eat me a fireball. As Lin Tian spoke, his mind moved and a fireball with a diameter of about half a meter, which was condensed by the soul fire, rushed toward the rabbit like lightning. The rabbit was frightened, the speed of the fireball came very fast, hiding is not urgent, can only be a mouth, a large blue airflow to meet the fireball issued by Lin Tian. Soul fire and the cold meet, suddenly two quickly offset up, the blue cold is no less than Lin Tian's soul fire, but Lin Tian's soul fire is no less than the blue air flow. Lin Tian, don't attack, that little thing actually has no malice to you. The voice of the God sounded in Lin Tian's mind, "it all stayed in its own hole and did not go out. It was you who hit the door. It hit you and you returned it." Lin Tian was slightly stupefied for a moment, and another soul fireball formed in front of him dispersed in an instant. Kim, Silver, don't attack if it doesn't attack you. Lin Tian passed the order to Xiao Jin and Xiao Yin, and also passed the message of the truce to the rabbit. The rabbit was so different from the other monsters Lin Tian had met that he tilted his head as if he were thinking, and soon he nodded his head slightly. Sorry to interrupt. Lin Tian, regardless of whether the rabbit understood or not, threw the words to the rabbit and beckoned Xiao Jin and Xiao Ruo to the layman of the cave. Howl! When Lin Tian was about to go out, the rabbit actually chased him out and called twice about two meters away from Lin Tian. Little guy, come to see me off? Thank you very much. Lin Tian chuckled, feeling that he was so bored that he chatted with a rabbit. Howl! The rabbit barked twice more, then turned around and walked a few steps. Seeing that Lin Tian didn't follow him, he barked a few more times and walked a few steps forward. "Do you want me to go with you?" Lin Tian asked. The little rabbit was so happy that he jumped up and down and howled incessantly. His voice was much more pleasant than that of his kind, at least it would not make Lin Tian feel that he could not hear it. As the rabbit went inside, Lin Tian soon arrived at the place where he and Xiao Jin and Xiao Yin fought with the rabbit. Unexpectedly, the rabbit did not stop and continued to run towards a small hole. The hole became only sixty centimeters high. Lin Tian had no choice but to become smaller again before following the rabbit into the hole. Cold, in a short while, Lin Tian felt a much purer cold than the rabbit's cold, which was so strong that even Lin Tian seemed to feel the cold in the soul of Xiaoyao. Rabbit, you don't want to lure me here and kill me with the cold here, do you? Lin Tiandao held the rabbit standing in front of him, who was also shivering with cold, in his arms. The rabbit was originally cold, but they were all afraid of the cold here. You can imagine how cold it was where Lin Tian was. Lin Tian urged the soul fire to warm the body and continued to walk forward a few steps, suddenly, a snow-white sword appeared in front of him,beam impact tubes, that incomparable cold, are emitted from the snow-white sword. , Chapter 252 walking with people.