The Archaic Covenant

"Maybe, but since my life began like this, it will continue like this." Tone a change: "Nothing!"! If you'll excuse me. "


"Maybe, but since my life began like this, it will continue like this." Tone a change: "Nothing!"! If you'll excuse me. "Be my guest, oh!"! One more thing, I don't think that boy is willing to make progress. In this way, the gap between you and him can't be narrowed. What do you do about this? I. There's a way. Goodbye After a slight bow, Shimada Katsumi turned and left. Liang Tuzhen put his hands into his pockets and stayed in place in thoughtful silence for nearly five minutes. Although he could not see the sea, the salty sea breeze was flowing quite clearly. Moments later, Liang Tuzhen said to himself: "One is lying dead, one is walking far away, one is standing here, and one …" Hiding well. Come on out! Ibiya, stop feeding the mosquitoes over there. "I hate it, but I still can't hide it from you." With a coquettish complaint, a can of coke was thrown out of the grass and flew straight at Liang Tuzhen. Judging from the fact that the body of the can was constantly whirling and unable to translate, the force of the throw was not small. Although it did not have any strength or magic power to hurt people, it was painful and humiliating to be hit by it. So the simple man, before the coke can had a certain degree of contact with his face, took a copy and scooped it into his palm. Holding it in his hand,beam impact tubes, he weighed it, but it wasn't an empty jar. Liang Tuzhen exclaimed, "Huhu!"! Is this the so-called meeting gift? What do you say? Big brother. "I said." The simple man looked up at the bottom of the can and said suspiciously, "This can of Coke.." It's not long overdue, is it? "Ouch!"! Your attitude is so bad! The young girl with a backpack on her back pushed aside the grass, which was taller than her own length, and strolled out with a flat mouth: "That's what people are going to drink!"! How can it expire? With a bag of potato chips in his hand,aluminium coated tubes, he was about to open it. Looking at her hiking appearance, Liang Tuzhen could not help touching her forehead and asked, "Although I know you can't tell the truth, I still have to ask, what are you doing in the south?" "Come and play." Ibia answered innocently. Liang Tuzhen knew very well how good the little girl in front of him was at controlling the expression on her face: "Don't tell me that ridiculous answer.". It's neither summer vacation nor winter vacation. Don't you have to go to class as a junior high school student? "That's awesome, you've seen through it!"! All right, all right, I'm here with you. Said Ibia more innocently. Still talking nonsense! The simple man said angrily: "You follow me, how can I not know!" " Ibiya put on an adoring look and seemed to say sincerely, "Big brother, you are so confident!"! It's really my idol. "It's not about confidence, it's about the facts." "What fact?"? Tell me about it! "It's like listening to a story," the girl of the tribe said, side impact door beams ,side impact beams, eating potato chips. I came down because I felt your fluctuation, so for a short time, I was standing behind you. It seems to me that all your attention is focused on those two men, and that you should have come down to the South for them. "What else?" Continue to eat potato chips. Liang Tuzhen raised his hand and said, "No more!"! I'm not Sherlock Holmes. I'm not so good at reasoning! "That's it, you suck!"! Ignore you, I'm leaving. Then he turned around. "I don't think you can go anywhere before you get my permission," Liang Tuzhen said, still standing in front of her with a swift posture. "Aren't you afraid I'll cut you with my pupil again?" Although your self-cultivation is not very good, you should still have self-knowledge! If I hadn't stopped first, you would have lost badly. "Ha ha!"! Then try again! Said to fall out on the fall, this little girl is indeed a trace of the clan, the face is still hanging an innocent expression, the palm of the animal claws have been exposed. The edges of the fingernails extend forward and harden into another substance, like a needle in a finger. The claws of the tracking orcs are short and sharp, and with their smart and cunning posture, opponents usually have to claw one by one before they can catch their rhythm. Ibiya grabbed a handful of potato chips and crushed them! "From ancient times to the present, with the same strain of blood to carry out the ancient covenant, the spirit of the underworld ah!"! In the name of my Ibia, the living soul is summoned, and Fu Ying is sent! Although they both belong to the spirit system of the underworld, they are not the same. The difference is that the connotation of the former is more negative. At the end of the contract, Ibia's right hand, holding the crumbs of potato chips, emitted a mist that seemed to be absent, but when she smiled and waved her hand to sprinkle the crumbs in the void, it was clear that the crumbs of potato chips were covered by the mist, but they did not disperse, forming the shape of a skull, with a strange and ferocious face. Liang Tuzhen has the name of this move in his memory: "Soul Puppet … …" This is the first time I've seen someone use potato chips as a medium. You have a set. Thank you! Don't you have any other last words? Smiling to accept each other's praise, but the bottom of the hand is no mercy, two sharp and sharp claws straight to the heart of Liang Tuzhen. Liang Tuzhen was puzzled, how could she dare to fight with herself? It is impossible for Diao Tong not to know that the only person who can have Bangjeming between heaven and earth is the descendant of Kirin! If she knew her identity, even if it was a legend two thousand years ago, she would still avoid it. Why on earth? Could it be.. There is no deep communication between Ibia and Diao Tong? Or, Diao Tong didn't say? Despite the complicated thinking in his heart, Rimet was an expert in close combat anyway, and he only held out one hand to deal with the claws that came from his heart and lungs in both directions, while the other hand had to protect Coke. The palms and claws touched repeatedly, and the simple man's palms, like fish, moved between Ibia's claws. Ibia scratched desperately, but could not even scratch his fingers,Precision steel tubes, so he was very angry. Liang Tuzhen shook his head, the strength of his hands increased, and the two claws were shaken open.