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A breeze mixed with fragrance blew over, in Zhou Qing's surprised eyes, the breeze gradually converged into a human form, the human form became more and more clear, and finally formed a masked woman in white, the woman was petite and exquisite, seemingly fragile, the breeze blew, swa


A breeze mixed with fragrance blew over, in Zhou Qing's surprised eyes, the breeze gradually converged into a human form, the human form became more and more clear, and finally formed a masked woman in white, the woman was petite and exquisite, seemingly fragile, the breeze blew, swaying with the wind, as if to be blown away by the wind. Zhou Qing, however, knew that the woman had dissolved into the wind, invisible, and that the place where Zhou Qing had swept the woman was empty. If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would have thought that the woman did not exist. Dharma King Xuanyuan didn't expect it to be a woman either. He frowned and said, "It's really rare that there are still women practicing the art of the Demon Gate!" As soon as the voice fell, the place where the woman stood suddenly stretched out a few skeleton claws with deep white bones and grabbed the legs of the woman in white. Novel t-xt paradise Chapter 60 The Devil in the Devil (Part Two). Zhou Qing was frightened. With a wave of his hand,Time Delay Faucet, the five-colored clouds enveloped him. It was the Aurora cover that King Xuanyuan had just given him. Hundreds of twisted ripples were looming within three feet of him. Zhou Qing felt unsafe and flashed to an unnoticeable place. A few jade tablets were thrown out, adding a protective array around him. Only then did I put my heart at ease and watch the movement in the field. I kept murmuring in my heart: This old demon has grown up and learned to be good. He started fighting without saying hello. He really has the style of the suzerain, but he can catch someone with a few skeleton palms. I'm afraid it's a little bigger! I'm afraid this woman's skill is not inferior to that of Kuangjun. Zhou Qing recently saw a big rise, although can not see how the woman's specific way, but with her hand wind from the kungfu, afraid is a top master. Seeing that Dharma King Xuanyuan had made a move,Time Delay Tap, he had to hide himself so as not to bring disaster to the fish in the pond. It's not too late to come out and pick up a bargain. The moment the white bone palm was about to touch the foot of the woman in white, the woman in white disappeared without a trace! Ka! Ka! The palms of the bones were clasped together, and they were shattered by the tremendous force of each other, making the sound of bamboo bursting, and finally turning into white powder and falling to the ground. Xuanyuan Dharma King's face was dignified, and his backhand came out from an incredible angle under his ribs, and he fought with a delicate white palm that appeared from the void! Boom! There was no sound, but the invisible shock quickly spread to the distance. Xuanyuan Dharma King's golden Taoist robe bulged like a ball, and his hair stood upright. It was very strange. There was nothing complete within a radius of ten feet. Even the stones and gravel on the ground were shaken into powder one after another, and the dust rose all over the sky. Crackle! Invisible space shock Zhou Qing layout of the defensive array was broken clean, a few pieces of jade card was blown into pieces, even the Aurora cover are mercilessly shaking, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, Zhou Qing only felt that the inner bow was like a hard punch, almost no blood spurted out, Zhou Qing hurriedly differentiated the second yuan God, only to suppress the surging blood in the body. Zhou Qing frightened, he was careful and careful, or did not estimate the power of the two people to fight so much, it seems that there is still no full shot. Am I lucky or not? Monastics have never seen such a master in their lives, but I met three in less than a month? Zhou Qing sighed secretly. For no reason, a gust of wind blew, and the dust in the field was blown clean. The veil on the face of the woman in white standing opposite Xuanyuan Dharma King disappeared. Zhou Qing hurriedly tried to see the woman's appearance clearly, but what fell into his eyes was a piece of nothingness. He faintly seemed to see a beautiful face, but his eyes moved elsewhere. The woman's face in the mind of the impression disappeared, there is no trace, repeated several times, Zhou Qing finally gave up looking at the woman's move. Xuanyuan Dharma King suddenly waved his hand, his whole body was scattered, his bulging Taoist robe relaxed, and his hair returned to its original appearance! It turned out to be an old friend. No wonder he knew the secret of the ancient battlefield in Changping. "When the woman in white heard the voice of the Dharma King Xuanyuan, she suddenly trembled and asked," Who is the elder? How do you know Xuanyuan? I don't know which patriarch of this school I have a friendship with? " The tense atmosphere in the field suddenly eased down. The God of grain is immortal. It is for Xuanzang. The gate of Xuanzang is the root of heaven and earth. If it exists, it will not be used frequently. Dharma King Xuanyuan murmured, "In those days, the four of us were so ambitious that we gathered all the demons in the world and prepared to exterminate the Taoist school at one stroke. But we parted ways for a trivial matter and were all defeated by the Taoist school. Apart from my magic formula, Xuanzang, which he created, was the most exquisite among us. Unfortunately, we died under the Purple and Green Swords!"! Do you know who I am now? Dharma King Xuanyuan stared straight at the woman's face like nothingness. The magic formula of blood coagulation? Clear voice into Zhou Qing's ears, "impossible, you actually live in the world!"! Are you Dharma King Xuanyuan? Didn't you die a thousand years ago in the dust of the two instruments in Shushan? Even if you're not dead? With your skill, it's not impossible to fly to heaven long ago. "" The woman's tone was very confused. But in the heart also a little believe: in front of this young man, skill and practice are almost the same as their own, especially the way of strain smooth old hot, obviously is not a young child without fighting, oneself 30 years ago is almost invincible, but did not appear this number one person, even if the matchless genius, the reincarnation of the devil can not be in 30 years and their own shoulder to shoulder. In particular, what he said is very clear and logical, which is quite similar to the one recorded in the ancient books of this school. Is it still true? The woman in white thought in her heart. I heard Dharma King Xuanyuan continue to say,Flush Retrofit Kit, "Even if the real celestial being is trapped in the array with the two-instrument dust array and the two purple and green swords, I'm afraid he will have to stumble. Lao Zu, I destroyed my real body before I was able to drag it away. It took me a thousand years to condense my real body and restore three layers of power. I'm afraid your Xuanzang has not yet condensed Xuanzang beads!" 。 cnkexin.com