Naughty Princess Cool Wang Ye (End)

This is a completely strange man, this is a butterfly has never seen a man, this is a beautiful man to the extreme, because it is too inappropriate to use handsome to describe, butterfly can not help but turn around in the head, decided to use beauty to describe this man.


This is a completely strange man, this is a butterfly has never seen a man, this is a beautiful man to the extreme, because it is too inappropriate to use handsome to describe, butterfly can not help but turn around in the head, decided to use beauty to describe this man. The strange man was looking at the butterfly affectionately, because the smile was so beautiful that even the two rows of teeth shining like pearls were so perfectly revealed, and after flying away for a while, they finally fell gently to the ground, which woke the butterfly up. "Doll, don't you bring money for breakfast?"? What a terrible experience. "Ga.." This, this, this.. The sound? Why does it sound familiar? Also, the doll from beginning to end only one person called himself, Keke, that person, is a girl! Butterfly's mind suddenly went blank and she was a little dizzy. "What's the matter, doll, forgetting your mother-in-law so soon?" Beautiful coquettish strange man, comfortably put his face close to the eyes of the butterfly, a charming smile, immediately the butterfly saw an idiot from his eyes. "Mother-in-law.." Mother-in-law ~ mother-in-law? The tone of the butterfly turned at least four times before she spat out the word mother-in-law completely, her face was pale, and she looked at the smiling man in front of her inexplicably. 'What's The matter? Did the lovely three princesses really forget everything in the cave? The strange and beautiful man stretched out his jade finger like an onion, gently held up the butterfly's face, which was almost an idiot, and asked playfully. "Ah.." Suddenly, the butterfly had a real feeling of collapse,Automatic Nail Making Machine, only to feel that the sky was spinning and the eyes were black, so she did something that shocked the world and wept ghosts and gods, that is, she tilted her head and fainted. Long years, rolling world of mortals, do not know how long, the butterfly slowly opened the eyes full of panic, the scenery in front of us is even beautiful, but look back. Because at this time she is being held by this strange and beautiful man, if not wrong, since she fainted,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, she should have been lying in the arms of this strange and beautiful man, and he is also holding her tightly, sitting in this beautiful scenery, with a tree on his back.. "Baby, you woke up." The strange beautiful man felt the person in his arms moved. He looked down and saw that she had woken up. He was happy and straightened her messy hair. The voice made the butterfly feel as comfortable as a spring breeze. But then the guilt followed him. How could he carry his husband on his back and be with other men in public? "You, who are you, you let go of me" hurriedly stood up, broke away from the man's warm embrace, the cold wind hit, the unknown tree even the last few leaves also fell off, in the air reluctantly after a few rounds of flying, quietly fell at the foot of the butterfly. Butterfly suddenly went crazy, spread her legs and hooves, and ran along the flagstone road. She wanted to escape from the man. She didn't know how long she had run, so she got into a dense forest. Until her legs were weak, like sand, and she couldn't open her legs. When she couldn't run, she sat down on the ground, breathing desperately, iron nail machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, and looked back. Fortunately, she didn't follow him. While she was rejoicing, suddenly a voice overhead made her completely desperate. "Are you tired, doll?" The ghost-like voice suddenly came from the top of her head, and when it entered the eardrum of the butterfly, she had a gloomy and creepy feeling that the strange and beautiful man was standing in front of the butterfly with a smile, in a fork of a big tree, holding the trunk with one hand and waving gracefully with the other hand, greeting the butterfly. The butterfly collapsed on the ground, staring straight at the handsome man, wondering what he was trying to do? It's better to calm down your breathing first. If you don't exhale, I'm afraid you'll have to hold your breath. The strange and beautiful man saw her in such pain and flew down to the ground. Holding her right hand, the butterfly suddenly felt a burst of heat into her body, felt much more comfortable, breathed a lot more smoothly, and looked at him gratefully, and the man smiled and accepted all her gratitude. You? Who is it? Why do you always follow me? The weak voice made the man raise his head, and his eyes were full of tenderness. "Alas.." Doll, have you really forgotten everything? I untied you from the vine, I made you invulnerable to all kinds of poisons, I taught you flying skills, although you didn't learn, I lost the internal force to you, although you were so stupid that you didn't know how to use it, I got along with you for more than a month, I am mother-in-law, mother-in-law is me, my transfiguration is the best in the world, if you like it. As soon as the man recalled the past with her, his eyebrows could not help but be entangled, because such a stupid girl was really rare. "Transfiguration?"? So, your face is fake, I say, how can there be such a good-looking man, it is impossible. As soon as I heard this, the little face suddenly relaxed a lot, ah, also came out of the giggle, no longer afraid, no longer confused, but the following sentence. Chapter 149: Danger Danger "Wrong, doll, this face is real, that face is fake," the man said with a charming smile, gently interrupting her words, holding her hand and putting it on his peerless face, so that she really felt that his face was real. Stunned butterfly, as if struck by lightning, the blank in his mind was as white as a snowflake, and suddenly remembered that he had been naked in the medicine tank for several days, and that he had thrown himself around. The strange and beautiful man, seeing two pieces of deep ruddy on her beautiful little face for no reason, knew that she was thinking about the scene of refining medicine, smiled slightly, held her hand and continued. "Doll, tell your brother why you left without saying goodbye." The voice just fell, suddenly embarrassed, do not know why, he wanted to say the word brother, remember that day after the poison attack, he returned to the cave,Nail machine supplier, although the scenery is still the same, but the only difference is that there is no trace of the lovely doll, the heart was hollowed out in an instant.