Ancient and Modern Legends · Martial Arts Edition-Issue 4, 2007

"Is it all right?" Ziyuan noticed that Yanqi still had a communicator in her ear. It's a good shot. It's a professional.


"Is it all right?" Ziyuan noticed that Yanqi still had a communicator in her ear. It's a good shot. It's a professional. Yanqi's ears are getting hot. In fact, a few minutes ago, the camera did take pictures of the moving line near the hotel, but after taking pictures, Ziyuan pulled out the memory card and hid it in the lid of the watch. The photos now are all old files from two days ago. Interesting. Zi yuan pointed to his ear. "What is this?"? It seems to be often seen in movies. "It's a mini communicator, for the police." Yanqi holds the camera and makes a gesture to take pictures of the street in front of the glass. Zi yuan was taken aback at this time. The policewoman hanging around outside the restaurant did not hide her identity. Boyfriend is a policeman? Zi yuan shook out the newspaper in his hand and pretended to ask casually. I'm a detective myself, the one with a gun! Yan Qi lowered her voice mysteriously, "but because she's on a special mission, she can't take the gun with her, or let you touch it." Zi yuan finally laughed uncontrollably: "What is the special task?" He sniggered in his heart, where is the heavenly soldier criminal police, it is too easy to deal with. Do you want to use her to get rid of this extremely difficult target,nail manufacturing machine, Ye Sufen? The same question is also circuitous in Yanqi's mind. Yes, she is in favor of Yue's efforts to embrace the ideal of justice, but if Yue will stop at nothing to achieve her goal, Yanqi will not be able to hide her disappointment. We are not familiar enough with this question, so we can't answer you. At least for the third time. Yan Qi said. Is it? So it's an appointment? Zi yuan stretched out his finger and shook his little finger. Two people hook hands. Ziyuan left the convenience store with a strange mood,wire nail making machine, deliberately took a detour near the restaurant, and then strolled to the MRT station. He repeatedly deliberated on the route of "attack/escape" and did not follow it truthfully several times. Why does the policewoman like to pretend to be familiar just now? Zi yuan said to himself and entered the platform. Ziyuan, who is good at psychological warfare, has a way of interpreting people's language and expressions. The policewoman's eyes seemed to reveal two emotions. One is the innocent excitement and the other is the silence of "I know who you are." It's just a soldier. Tzu-yuan thought, sitting in the MRT.. I haven't even asked her name yet, so don't blurt out the word Yanqi next time we meet. Ziyuan looked out of the window at the building. The sunshine in Istanbul should have a different color than here. Zi yuan began to miss his fellow teacher and friend. Killer Ji Simei. I changed another hotel. The month still did not move. But Yan Qi, who volunteered to stay in the bird strike program and search back and forth, was more and more full of expectations in her heart. Because that day, Nail machine manufacturer ,Automatic nail machine, she actually saw the man who had not met for a whole week in the coffee shop on the first floor of the hotel where Ye Sufen stayed. You can't be wrong, it must be true that you have superpowers! "But isn't that too bold?" Yan Qi thought, "I really deserve to be my idol." Ziyuan is drinking coffee on the sofa in the corner, a notebook computer and a digital camera. Ziyuan frowned slightly, his fingers moving on the touch pad, as if he was concentrating on something. Yanqi walked over this time in a big way, to the distance where she thought Ziyuan should have enough time to end the suspicious program on the computer. She waved her hand and said hello. Hi! Yan Qi was very energetic and turned off the mini communicator. Hi! Zi yuan is also in high spirits. Long time no see. What are you doing? Yanqi sat down and ordered a cup of cappuccino and a piece of cake. I'm working. In addition to shooting for beautiful women, my full-time job is to manage pchome network sales. If you are interested in something, I can give you a staff price. Zi yuan looked at ease. By the way, do you remember we made an appointment to meet for the third time. Yan Qi opened her mouth, but was interrupted by Zi yuan. Don't mention that. I don't think it's good for you. There are no heavenly soldiers and policemen who talk about secret tasks! Zi yuan said with a smile. You will succeed in the end, so don't let this heavenly soldier policewoman make any mistakes. I don't want to fall into your trap and become a fat pig who breaks his promise! I'll tell you secretly. Yan Qi winked, then lowered his voice, very mysterious, "Do you know who lives in this hotel?" "Who?" Zi yuan had no choice but to smile bitterly. Ye Sufen! She is a whiny bitch. To tell you the truth, if Yue had shot her earlier, we would have been relieved. ” "I think the moon must have given up, or how could there have been no news?" Zi yuan smiled. Nope. Moon is not such a person. Yan Qi firmly said. Zi yuan looked at Yan Qi quietly. His warm eyes, in fact, penetrate Yanqi's language defense sharply. Yan Qi is sincere! Could it be that his identity has been discovered? But it doesn't make any sense. Zi yuan leaned back gently and sank into Microsoft's sofa, with unprecedented complex emotions: "However, the month has not yet made a move." Ziyuan covered the computer. Maybe Yue came out of a bar late at night and was stabbed by a gangster who robbed her. Maybe Yue got married and had children and didn't want to go back to her old job. Maybe Yue gave up because we protected her too well. Or maybe Yue died of a terminal illness. No one knows at all. "When everyone thinks so." Yan Qi's eyes are shining, "it's the best time for the moon to make a move!" On the outskirts of a mountainous area in eastern Taiwan, there is a secret prison that does not appear on any file. From the west side, it looks like a staff dormitory with outdated design. Seen from the east side, I'm afraid it's too polite to describe its miserable appearance as a failed Victorian style. The south side is almost completely sealed with steel plate and cement. On the north side, there is an entrance and exit gate in the shape of a lighthouse. There are three layers, and the distance between each layer is two meters. The larger the door is, the larger it is. Obviously,Nail machine supplier, the significance of "preventing going out" is greater than the effect of "preventing intrusion". In a word, baffling. The persons imprisoned here are special persons who cannot be dealt with by ordinary judicial procedures. It's like an incomprehensible deep-sea monster that can't be imprisoned in a normal way. For example "Can this kind of guy be competent?" "If you continue to let people like that do things like that, sooner or later it will go to the head of the superior.". This beast is just needed at this time. 。