I have an adventure house.

"Although Xinhai is much more prosperous than Hanjiang, the pressure of competition there is much greater than ours.


"Although Xinhai is much more prosperous than Hanjiang, the pressure of competition there is much greater than ours. In addition, in order to strengthen the construction of urban agglomeration integration, we are going to build Hengjiang Bridge in the eastern suburb of Hanjiang, which will be very convenient from Hanjiang to Xinhai.". Virtual future park should also see this point before choosing to build in the eastern suburbs of Hanjiang, they actually did not put us in the eye, just Hanjiang as their base camp, here as the center, radiation around. "Hengjiang Bridge?" Chen Ge looked at the map of the Hanjiang River on the wall of Luo Dong's office. Counting the surrounding counties and districts, the Hanjiang River, large and small, was guarded by nine rivers, as if playing with pearls in Kowloon. Once the Hengjiang Bridge was built, it seemed that a big lock was added to the dragon's neck. It will be a long time before the bridge is built. It has nothing to do with us. The market is like a battlefield. Only those who survive can see tomorrow. Director Luo, who is usually quiet, always talks a lot when he is with Chen Ge, telling him a lot of things, as if he intends to teach Chen Ge. After writing the introduction of the new scene,plastic packaging tube, Chen Ge returned to his haunted house. He turned on his mobile phone and glanced at it. He could see the advertisement of the virtual future park at any time: "Their promotional film is really shocking. I want to take all the employees to visit it together." Throwing his mobile phone aside, Chen Ge rubbed his temples. After all, there are only a few people who like excitement. The game between New Century Paradise and Virtual Future Paradise is unfair from the beginning. Man proposes, God disposes. Just do your best. The psychic ghost school will be unlocked tonight. Chen Ge took out his black mobile phone and studied it several times. He wanted to work out the exciting rules of the game according to the characteristics of the ghost school. When the park closed at six o'clock in the evening, Chen Ge called all the living employees to the dressing room. Boss, what's the matter? Gu Feiyu took off the mask of the broken skull doctor, who would have thought that behind the mask made of human skin,cosmetic tube packaging, there was such a sunny and kind big boy. The day after tomorrow, the virtual future park in the eastern suburbs will open. This year's peak season is very important to us. I don't want to put pressure on you, but there are some things I have to tell you. Chen Ge's eyes swept over several employees, including Xu Wan, who had followed him for the longest time, Gu Feiyu, a security guard rescued from the Weird Talk Association, Zhang's toast and scissors, who escaped together in Liwan Town, and Qu Changlin, who had just joined. New Century Park has been open for ten years, rain or shine, every day there are visitors here to leave a laugh, pump tube ,empty cosmetic tubes, here is a record of many people's good past, for them here is not just a park. Chen Ge rarely spoke in such a serious tone. He usually gave people the feeling that he was kind, as if he would never get angry: "It was fine a few years ago, but in recent years, the business of the park has been getting worse and worse. Director Luo was found many times above and wanted to shut down the park and re-plan the suburbs of Jiangxi. They have not given up this idea until now, but it has become more intense." Do you know why? "Why do they have to close the park when we have so many tourists?" Although Gu Feiyu has not been here for a long time, he has already developed feelings for the park. He has been taken in here, and everyone here is very kind to him. Because Hanjiang only needs a paradise, and we occupy the best piece of land in the western suburbs, which Luo Dong got at a very small cost more than a decade ago. "Businessmen attach great importance to profits. If the conditions are really good, Luo Dong will not." Zhang Jingjiu's worries are not unreasonable. Director Luo is under the greatest pressure in the whole park. No, he used to be a businessman, but now he's a father. Chen Ge looked at the doll in the corner of the dressing room and picked it up: "I hope you can cheer up in the next few days. We must go all out in this peak season!"! If you lose to the virtual future park from the beginning, it will be more difficult to turn the tables in the future. Clearly to the individual, Chen Ge assigned tasks to each employee separately, and after repeated explanations, he let them leave. At 7:30 in the evening, when no one could be seen in the park, Chen Ge pulled up the protective fence, returned to the staff lounge, and began to design rules and background stories. He listed all the strange stories he had experienced and heard, and tried to use the existing scenes and ghost employees to restore them. Scene composition, matters needing attention, the ability of ghosts, the setting of scare points and so on. Busy until three o'clock in the morning, Chen Ge stopped his work because of the sudden vibration of his black mobile phone. He swiped the screen and looked at the information on the phone. Lucky Ghost Patron, Four Star Scene-Psychic Ghost School has been successfully unlocked! Psychic Ghost School (Four Star Scene): This scene contains twelve sub-scenes! There are three campuses: East, West and Crimson. Note 1: The doors and mirrors in this scene are special items! Some special items can be controlled by mobile phone. "Note 2: This scene can accommodate dozens of tourists at the same time, please pay attention to the safety of tourists!" "Note 3: There are random surprises hidden in the Crimson Campus." "Note 4: After unlocking the four-star scene, the probability of special visitors in the horror house will be doubled, and the probability of opening at night will be doubled again on the original basis." Chapter 910 the most difficult task. "Double the chance of meeting special tourists at night?"? Is the black phone encouraging me to open a night show? During the day, ghosts can only hide under the haunted house. Even ghosts like Lao Zhou and Duan Yue are afraid of the sun. They can only appear for a few minutes during the day, and they can't be exposed to the sun. If it is at night, there will be no restrictions on ghosts. At that time, the haunted house is several times more horrible than during the day, not only because of the change of environment, but also because most of the employees in Chen Ge's haunted house are real ghosts. The closer they are to midnight, the more active they are. The problem of the door has not been solved, if there is a fierce ghost among the tourists running in to make trouble, it is likely to hurt the tourists by mistake. Chen Ge was not ready to open a night show, and he gave up the idea after thinking for a moment. Taking down a handful of cat food from the cabinet,plastic laminted tube, Chen Ge tricked the white cat and held it in his arms: "Go, come with me to see the new scene." White cats are very sensitive to things like ghost obsessions, and bringing white cats can both warn and screen for instability in new scenes. emptycosmetictubes.com