Romantic Lazy Man Traveling in Other World

Before I knew it, Leng Ye came to the boudoir of the angel (Leng Ye suspected that the angel was an old maid).


Before I knew it, Leng Ye came to the boudoir of the angel (Leng Ye suspected that the angel was an old maid). In a small drawer of the boudoir, Leng Ye found a small purple and golden box. He faintly felt that there was something special about the small box, so he ordered the princess to open it. Cut! The lock of the small box was broken by the claws of the princess. As soon as the box was opened, a khaki parchment appeared in front of the cold night. Looking at the contents of the parchment, the cold night could not help frowning. At this time, the voice of Princess Hades in the depths of the soul of the cold night immediately exclaimed: "Master, this is the text of Hades.". This is a secret that can quickly improve the strength of the magic body. "Demon.." Demon body? What is that? Tell me! The cold night knew that this thing was hidden so hidden that it must be of great value, and heard that it was written in the text of the underworld, and asked excitedly at that moment. The voice of the princess of the nether world continued to ring in the depths of the soul of the cold night: "All pets that can come out of the world of God are magic bodies, and if you use a magic grid, you are also a magic body.". This secret is of great benefit to the master and Xiaoyou. Master, listen carefully. "I came to the plane of the seven stars with the army, and by chance, there were a lot of rare animals in the flood and famine south of the seven stars.". These spirit beasts have been growing in the flood and famine for many years, and have formed a very strange elixir in their bodies. Although this elixir is not a spiritual treasure of heaven and earth, it is of great benefit to the cultivation of the demon body. After several years, the old man finally worked out the secret recipe for absorbing the elixir. Using this secret recipe, I went from the primary level of the Holy Land to the magic level in just a few decades. The war is fierce, I don't know if I have a life to go back,High Speed Nail Making Machine, so I write down this secret recipe to benefit future generations.. As soon as he heard the contents of the parchment, the cold night could not wait to burn the parchment, and he did not want to let others know the secret. In fact, the cold night is really worrying too much. This piece of parchment is written in Hades. If anyone knows Hades, I'm afraid this piece of paper is not here. Repeatedly recalling the old man who left the secret recipe, "to benefit future generations", the cold night sighed in his heart: "Good man!" Recalling the contents of the secret recipe and imagining the scene of the old man becoming a demon for decades,wire nail machine manufacturers, I can't wait to go to the flood and famine in the south of Big 6 in the cold night. Chapter 267 Princess Chang'e. Volume 5 Kamikaze Academy Chapter 267 Princess Chang'e. The next thing that bothers the cold night is how to escape from here. (Caizi Pavilion updates the first www. Caizige. COm) Although he had become a five-level warrior of the North Hades, he could only die if he rushed out in the cold night. Cold night is not so stupid, since can not think of a way, fortunately stay here first, at least here is not life-threatening for the time being. Of course, the cold night is not idle, in the eighteen floors of the temple, the cold night day and night to practice the center of gravity swordsmanship. In the cold night heart, only through the practice of gravity swordsmanship, the other three rules are all promoted to the holy land, perhaps they still have the possibility to go out alive. More than ten days have passed unconsciously, although the cold night feels that the power of the center of gravity swordsmanship is much stronger than before, but the three rules are still no big breakthrough. The cold night continues to practice. Another month passed in a flash. In the cold night immersed in the practice, suddenly, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Nail production machine, outside came the voice of two middle-aged men: "Chang'e Princess!" " Then came a woman's voice: "I want to see my aunt, get out of the way." Then the door opened directly, and a well-dressed woman with a face like Chang'e came in and shouted, "Aunt, aunt.." This woman is the eldest daughter of the emperor of the kamikaze empire, Princess Chang'e. This woman was somewhat similar to the portrait of Chang'e Fairy circulated among the people in the kamikaze empire, so the emperor gave her the title of Princess Chang'e. When Princess Chang'e saw that the door of her boudoir was closed, she was about to push it open and go in. Suddenly, a light sound attracted her attention. "Ah!"! What a lovely little white rabbit! Princess Chang'e exclaimed, then a flash of body came to the lovely little white rabbit side, directly to the little white rabbit to hold tightly in her arms. It is undeniable that since she won the title of Princess Chang'e, Princess Chang'e has a special love for rabbits, especially white purebred rabbits. Moreover, Princess Chang'e has a certain eye for rabbits. In her opinion, the rabbit in front of her at the moment was extremely soft and had no stray hair on its whole body. It was absolutely the best of the best. At that moment, she began to love the rabbit. This Chang'e princess has a very good relationship with the God, and she is also the niece of the God. She loves to come here to chat with the God when she is free. Now, seeing the door of the God closed, she expects that her aunt is taking a nap. Seeing the rabbit at this moment, I was even more dizzy with joy. I didn't think much about it. I just said loudly to the door of the God: "Thank you, aunt, for preparing such a good rabbit for me.". Aunt, go to sleep. Chang'e left first. Holding the rabbit, he went out of the room. As soon as the two strong men at the door saw the rabbit in Chang'e's arms, they smelled a special breath. One of them said first, "Princess, this is a magic rabbit.". Before I get permission from God, I think.. Princess Chang'e immediately said angrily, "Look, look at your head!"! Naturally, I knew that this was the magic rabbit, and I also knew that this rabbit was the phantom rabbit depicted in the book. This is the magic rabbit that my aunt promised to send me last time. If you want to take care of it, don't go away! To be able to recognize this is a phantom rabbit, it seems that Princess Chang'e has really worked hard on the rabbit. Moreover, Chang'e Princess herself is a strong level, she is not afraid of the two dog slaves at the door. The two people saw that Princess Chang'e said so, rather angered the master, then let Princess Chang'e walk away. Leaving the Wind Temple, Princess Chang'e took the little white rabbit into the palace, went directly to her boudoir, drove away all the maids, and then put the little white rabbit on the bed. I know you are a magic rabbit, I also know that you are a phantom rabbit who is good at degree, and I also know that you are very spiritual. I don't care how you got into the Temple of the Wind,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, but since I brought you out of it, you have to be grateful in the future, do you know? Princess Chang'e said to the little white rabbit.