Zong Man is still looking for the wrong target today.

Bang's fingers on her cheek twitched like burns, and tears slid down her jaw. Hanase cried silently. In a moment, the tears soaked through the wet area, like a smudged ink painting on the ground.


Bang's fingers on her cheek twitched like burns, and tears slid down her jaw. Hanase cried silently. In a moment, the tears soaked through the wet area, like a smudged ink painting on the ground. She sobbed and said something, but Bang and Green Valley only heard the last few syllables: ".." Chapter 37 Chapter 37 The incident was finally solved by Ormat and the Xiongying teacher who came to the scene. Before that, what kind of stubborn resistance the others had gone through, Hanase, who had fainted, knew nothing about it. She was the most seriously injured with Bomb and Green Valley. Fortunately, the recovery girl did not cause anything irreparable. Three people quickly wake up, no major obstacles, the only sequela is a little bit of mental distress, but harmless. Other than that- "Do you know what I came to you to say?" Aizawa's body was still bandaged, his whole face only showed his eyes, and his arm was still in plaster. I don't know what kind of perseverance supported him to come to class, or whether he was used to such injuries. His tone was ordinary but implied dignity, "Shiina Hanase." Hanase honestly bowed his head and admitted his mistake: "In the course of the attack, I acted recklessly, regardless of the consequences, without considering the overall situation, and because of my personal reasons, I implicated the whole hero, which is really a heinous crime." "All wrong." "Eh?" "Your biggest mistake is that you haven't realized where you're going wrong." Words like tongue twisters came out of Aizawa's mouth in an orderly way. Even when he was seriously injured, the hero 1-a teacher did not show such headache. But now he was wrapped in bandages,wire nail machine manufacturers, and no one could see him. "I ask you a few questions, and you answer me seriously." "Yes." "First, why did you offer to exchange yourself for eight million?" "I think that would reduce unnecessary casualties," Hanase said without hesitation. "In that case, why didn't you surrender in the first place?" Aizawa looked at her, "isn't this more likely to reduce casualties?"? If you think the main responsibility for this lies with you. "At that time I thought there was still hope," thought Hanase. "So when you were ready to exchange eight million yuan, you thought it was hopeless?" "No.." Hanase's tone was a little hesitant. I want to save eight million. "Because you feel it's your responsibility?" Hanase: "I can't watch her die." "So you're going to die?" "I don't want to die." Aizawa threw the lesson plan in his hand to the table beside him: "Haven't you noticed your problem yet?" “…… I'm sorry, I really don't understand. "Two, when you know that Todoroki will die, do you want to die together or get away with it?" "It should be.." Perish together? Hanase himself is not sure. Why “…… I don't know "At this time, if you answer me because you lost your lover, I may be more likely to think clearly." The sharp light in Aizawa's eyes made people dare not look directly at him, Nail Making Machine price ,Coil nail machine, and his tone was usually undisciplined, with occasional ups and downs without fluctuations, "but you tell me now, you don't know?" "Sorry." To dissect exactly what it is for, Hanase really can't say clearly. I don't remember teaching you anything that told you to choose to die together in a dangerous situation. Aizawa said slowly, "I don't think your spirit is fragile. This situation shows that there is something wrong with the behavior pattern driven by your own thinking logic." “……” "You don't have to go back to class until you think it through." In the classroom of Xiongying 1-A. Students are gathering to chat during the break, and today's theme is undoubtedly highly unified, which is set on Shiina Hanase, who has been called to the office for a long time. "Anyway, it's too long. How long is the teacher going to train Shiina?" The island unconsciously took the lead in stirring up the topic, which attracted the minds of several absent-minded people. "Before that, what happened in the amusement venue?" Shang Ming said with a lingering fear, "When Shiina came out, it was too miserable. There were also Boom and Green Valley. What happened over there?" "Just because of boom." Cut the island easily and casually shake out the shocking revelation, this is even the boom I do not know, after all, Hanase did not take the initiative to mention, boom took it for granted that it was only the traces left by the war, was immediately completely taken away attention, "Shiina heard that boom may have an accident, the whole person is like crazy.." Don't look at me with that kind of eyes. Shiina was very scary at that time. Ask Xiao Meiyu if you don't believe me! Mei Yu took over the conversation: "It's a bit irrational. Fortunately, my classmates appeared in the back. Otherwise, I don't know what will happen." "Look, I didn't blow," said Qidao, spreading out his hands to the man with a sullen and hostile air. "Get away from me." Bao Hao doesn't want to talk to him. Speaking of this.. Eight million hesitated to interrupt, looking very embarrassed, "before I was knocked unconscious, Hanase had tried to exchange me back with herself-ah, I'm not questioning anything, just this move." Hanase, isn't she a little too low on herself? This is obviously said to several people who are close to Hanase, and the purpose of the eight million openings is precisely this, in the hope that the people close to Hanase will change this mentality. It doesn't seem right to say that she doesn't value herself. Che Dao, who witnessed the scene completely, put forward different opinions, but in view of the lack of perception of such delicate events, the words he confided were all fragmentary and jumping. "I think Shiina still cherishes life very much, and she has no intention of committing suicide at all. At the very beginning, she was very aggressive,Iron Nail Making Machine, right?"? But then when she saw that eight million was caught, she suddenly jumped to the stage of heroic sacrifice, but I think it's more than that. What's better to say about this feeling? Imperial tea son: "… …" Mitsuko: "I'm a little confused." 。 3shardware.com