Plc Batching Plant cost

Plc Batching Plant cost Plc Batching Plant cost Plc Batching Plant cost


Plc Batching Plant cost Jinheng Group is a technology-oriented enterprise with two main businesses: concrete batching plant and green energy storage system. Jinheng concrete batching plant equipment is widely used in commercial concrete mixing, pipe pile, construction, hydraulic, Marine and other concrete centralized mixing places, and according to different process requirements and actual needs for design and transformation. In China, we have created a "shared factory" production system, so that the price is low, high quality characteristics of the mixing station. Jinheng Group is building a global concrete mixing plant manufacturing sharing plant, so that every demander, to buy high quality, low price concrete mixing station. Concrete batching plant is a production line with high energy consumption and high pollution. Jinheng designed a micro-grid power supply system (photovoltaic + wind + diesel engine). For mixing plant and other equipment power supply, to achieve low carbon, environmental protection of the new energy system. This micro grid power supply system is suitable for factories, homes, transportation, oil fields, coastal defense, water conservancy and so on. THE DEVELOPMENT HISTORY OF JINHENG 1, 2005 Xingyang jinheng Machinery Factory 2, 2015 Zhengzhou jinheng machinery equipment Co.,LTD 3, 2017 Shandong sanwei Machinery Co.,LTD 4, 2019 Qingdao Jinheng Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd 5, 2021 Anhui Jinheng New Energy Co., LTDPlc Batching Plant cost website: website2: