SMT StencilSMT Stencil

SMT SMT StencilSMT StencilSMT SMT StencilSMT Stencil


SMT Stencil 鈼?Product Introduction: OceanSmile provides SMD stencil customization service. SMD stencil (Solder paste stencil) is necessary for Surface Mount Assembly. Stencil is a kind of bare stainless steel sheet. It could be in a frame or without frame. Framework is for automated stencil machine. Non-framework is for hand solder. Usually, framework is heavier and bigger than non-framework. So framework is more expensive to ship and might be charged for dimensional weight shipping. Squeegee solder paste through stencil, the stencil ensures the solder paste is the right amount on the right position. Then you can place surface mount components on solder paste and put it into reflow oven. 鈼?strongProduct Specification锛?/strong SpecificationCapabilities Stencil TypeFrameworkFrameless Dimension370mm*470mm (Valid area 190mm*290mm) 420mm*520mm (Valid area 240mm*340mm) 400mm*600mm (Valid area 220mm*400mm) 400mm*800mm (Valid area 220mm*600mm) 550mm*650mm (Valid area 350mm*450mm) 584mm*584mm (Valid area 380mm*380mm) 736mm*736mm (Valid area 500mm*500mm)380mm*280mm (Valid area 290mm*190mm) 420mm*320mm (Valid area 400mm*240mm) 450mm*350mm (Valid area 420mm*270mm) 520mm*420mm (Valid area 490mm*340mm) 460mm*460mm (Valid area 380mm*430mm) Thickness0.12mm Stencil SideTop / Bottom / Top+Bottom (On single stencil) / Top+Bottm (On separate stencil) Existing FiducialsHalf lasered / Lasered through 鈼?Product Features: 1) Directly use data files for production, reducing production errors 2) The opening position of the SMT laser steel mesh is extremely accurate, and the overall error is鈮ぢ?渭m 3) The SMT laser stencil opening has a geometric pattern, which is conducive to the printing and forming of solder paste. 鈼?Product Application: The main function is to help the deposition of solder paste; the purpose is to transfer an accurate amount of solder paste to an accurate position on the empty PCB. 鈼?Product Detals: 鈼?strongDeliver 5-8 working days include shipping time 鈼?Safeguards Ordinance SMT Stencil website: